Monday, November 17, 2008

Where they've been; and how far can they go ?

The Rockets have won the region twice since the city and county schools consolidated in 1957. Those regional crowns were earned in 1963 and during the 1985 state championship season.

Crittenden County has twice ended its season regional runnerup over the last 51 years of Rocket football.

On Friday, Crittenden will host Ballard Memorial. It will be the 10th time the Rockets have advanced to at least the regional semifinals, or round of 16 in the current playoff format.

Some think the seventh-ranked Rockets have a good chance of winning the region and playing in the state semifinals this year. If so, that game would very likely be against Beechwood at Covington on Friday, Dec. 5.

Following are Rocket seasons where they advanced to at least the regional semifinal round, the team's record that season and how far they went in the playoffs.

8-3-1 Regional champion, state semifinalist
1985 13-1 District champion, Regional champion, State champion
1996 10-2 District champion, Regional Semifinalist
1998 11-2 District champion, Regional Runnerup
1999 10-2 District runnerup, Regional Semifinalist
2001 9-3 District champion, Regional Semifinalist
2002 10-3 District champion, Regional Runnerup
2004 9-3 District runnerup, Regional Semifinalist
2005 9-3 District runnerup, Regional Semifinalist
2008 8-3 District champion, Regional semifinalist (still alive)