Friday, November 17, 2017

Starnes era ends 44-8 in state quarterfinal

Coach Starnes and his wife and daughter talk to WPSD-TV
after the game, which signaled the end to his 27-year career
as football coach at Crittenden County.
MARION, Ky. – The Al Starnes coaching era that started 27 seasons ago came to an end Friday night with a 44-8 loss to Campbellsville in a Class A state quarterfinal at Rocket Stadium.

The Eagles’ dominating ground game took command of the regional championship game early as Devonte Cubit rushed for 181 yards and five touchdowns.

Campbellsville (7-6) took a 23-8 lead into halftime and then scored on three of five possessions in the final two periods. Late in the fourth period, the reality of it all began setting in on the longtime Rocket skipper, who had guided his team to a fourth trip the state quarterfinals.

“A lot was going through my mind,” Starnes recalled as the seconds ticked away on the most successful coaching tenure in Rocket football history. “The biggest thing was how these kids were fighting until the very end. They have nothing to hold their heads down about. They were district champions and regional runner-up.”

While Crittenden (8-5) was struggling to get its offense on track – it had no first downs in the pivotal third period when Campbellsville began to pull away – the Eagles piled up 338 yards rushing with two backs over 100 yards.

Senior Brady Birk brings down Eagle running back
Devonte Cubit, who rushed for five TDs.
“They’re a heck of a football team. We knew that coming in,” Starnes said. “We couldn’t stop them. We would try to key on one running back and they’d give it to the others.”

Starnes said finishing his career at home was a significant opportunity.

“I thank these kids for allowing me to finish it at home. It means so much to me and family. We will forever remember that. These kids accomplished more than they understand. It was a great year.”

This season, the Rockets won a district championship, the sixth since Starnes has been coach and eighth all time and they played in a regional championship game for the sixth time in school history. Starnes guided the Rockets to four of those quarterfinal berths and his boys won the crown in 2008.

Although his head coaching career is complete, Starnes said he plans to be on the Crittenden sideline next season to be part of what he predicts will be another great year for Rocket football. 

Campbellsville 16 7 7 14
Crittenden Co. 8 0 0 0

Ca-Devonte Cubit 7 run (Charlie Pettigrew run) 4:44, 1st
Cr-Hunter Boone 1 run (Cody Belt pass from Boone) 2:33, 1st
Ca-Cubit 16 run (Pettigrew run) :24, 1st
Ca-Cubit 6 run (Bryce Richardson kick) 4:04, 2nd
Ca-Cubit 9 run (Richardson kick) 8:16, 3rd
Ca-Cubit 2 run (kick failed) 11:57, 4th
Ca-Cubit 15 run (Braden Paige run) 9:00, 4th

First Downs: Crittenden 10, Campbellsville 15
Penalties: Crittenden 2-10, Campbellsville 6-45
Rushing: Crittenden 20-49, Campbellsville 52, 338
Passing: Crittenden 11-23-1, 178 yds., Campbellsville 4-7-1, 66 yds.
Total Yards: Crittenden 227, Campbellsville 404
Fumbles/Lost: Crittenden 2-1, Campbellsville 0-0

Crittenden: Devon Nesbitt 10-29, Xander Tabor 5-11, Caden McCalister 1-2, Boone 4-7. Campbellsville: Cubit 28-181, Malachi Croley 6-50, DeaSean VanCleave 4-45, Pettigrew 12-110, Riggie Thomas 1-(-5), Pagie 1-2.
Crittenden: Boone 10-22-1, 141 yds., Nesbitt 1-1-0, 37 yds. Campbellsville: Arren Hash 4-7-1, 66 yds.
Crittenden: Ethan Dossett 5-91, Branen Lamey 2-24, Belt 4-63. Campbellsville: VanCleave 2-34, Dakota Reardon 2-32.
A. Beavers: 12 solo, 10 asst, TFL
C. Belt: 5 asst
B. Birk: 2 solo, 4 asst
K. Castiller: solo, 2 asst
J. Estes: solo, 8 asst
M. Hunt: 4 solo, 7 asst
M. Joyce: solo, 4 asst
B. Lamey: 4 solo, 2 asst, TFL
S. O'Leary: 4 solo, 15 asst, FR
P. Riley: 4 solo, 5 asst
H. Jones: 5 asst
T. Boone: 12 solo, 6 asst, INT
C. McCalister: 5 solo, 3 asst, TFL
B. Winders: 5 solo, 5 asst, TFL
Records: Crittenden 8-5, Campbellsville 7-6

Friday, November 10, 2017

Rockets thump Bethlehem; head to region title game

QB Hunter Boone gives the ball to junior
running back Devon Nesbitt.
MARION, Ky. – Devon Nesbitt just keeps getting better as the Rockets continue to advance further into the Class A playoffs.

The junior running back covered 252 yards and scored four times as Crittenden County beat Bethlehem 41-20 to advance to next week's regional championship game at Rocket Stadium against Campbellsville.

Nesbitt and his cast of co-conspirators scored three unanswered touchdowns in the second half to break open a game that was tied at 20 at intermission. Nesbitt also broke the school record for most touchdowns in a season with his effort in Friday's semifinal matchup. That record had stood since 1963 when Jimmy Hopper rushed for 22. Nesbitt now has 24.

Defensively, the Rockets were solid in the second half, pinning down Bethlehem's one-dimensional running game featuring senior back Tyler Ohler. He had 82 yards at the half, but gained just six the last two periods. Senior Adam Beavers had an outstanding game as did freshmen linebackers Braxton Winders and Tyler Boone. Junior defensive end Sean O'Leary and senior lineman Brady Birk also had top-notch efforts, among others.

Crittenden County scored first, but trailed 13-7 at one point early in the second quarter. A couple of first-half fumbles hurt the Rockets.

However, Bethlehem never was able to fully harness Crittenden's offensive attack. The Rockets punted just once. Although quarterback Hunter Boone threw a touchdown pass to Cody Belt to start the game, the Rocket triggerman was sharper in the second half. He threw for 55 yards before the break, and finished with 166 on 13-of-19 accuracy with a more effectiveness down the stretch, taking advantage of soft coverage on the corners by the Eagles' defensive backs.

Belt finished the game with 112 yards receiving on six catches.

Coach Starnes embrances
receiver Cody Belt after the win.
"Devon Nesbitt was outrageous. He played like he was possessed," said Rocket coach Al Starnes, who has now guided his team to four regional championship games in 27 years. He has won one of them – in 2008.

Crittenden will host the Second District champion Campbellsville next week after it beat Russellville 50-28 in the region's other semifinal Friday. The showdown will be the Rockets' first ever meeting with Campbellsville.

"It was a great game overall and we played very well defensively once we made some adjustments at halftime," Starnes said about beating Bethlehem, a team it had lost to in the regional semifinals the past two years.

"It feels great to extend the season because there at one point I thought it might be all over with," said Starnes, who is retiring at the end of this season.

Bethlehem 7 13 0 0
Crittenden 7 13 14 7

C-Cody Belt 16 pass from Hunter Boone (Belt kick) 6:32, 1st
B-Tyler Ohler 29 run (Bryce Zielke kick) 3:41, 1st
B-Ohler 1 run (kick failed) 11:53, 2nd
C-Boone 1 run (Belt kick) 8:32, 2nd
C-Devon Nesbitt 3 run (kick failed) 1:51, 2nd
B-Brysen Cissell 14 pass from Ryan Mattingly (Zielke kick) :21, 2nd
C-Nesbitt 4 run (Belt kick) 5:19, 3rd
C-Nesbitt 18 run (Belt kick) 2:28, 3rd
C-Nesbitt 16 run (Belt kick) 8:26, 4th

First Downs: Crittenden 21, Bethlehem 12
Penalties: Crittenden 5-50, Bethlehem 11-73
Rushing: Crittenden 48-265, Bethlehem 37-116
Passing: Crittenden 13-19-1, 166 yds., Bethlehem 7-17-2, 108 yds.
Total Yards: Crittenden 431, Bethlehem 224
Fumbles/Lost: Crittenden 2-2, Bethlehem 1-0

Crittenden: Nesbitt 40-252, Caden McCalister 4-5, Ethan Dossett 1-3, Boone 3-5. Bethlehem: Ohler 23-88, Mason Tucker 1-(-14), Riley Collins 7-31, Mattingly 6-11.
Crittenden: Boone 13-19-1, 166 yds. Bethlehem: yMattingly 6-16-2, 98 yds., Ohler 1-1-0, 10 yds.
Crittenden: Belt 6-112, Branen Lamey 3-22, Dossett 2-9, McCalister 1-16, Nesbitt 1-7. Bethlehem: Cissell 2-15, Chris Osborne 1-46, Clay Trusley 1-10, Ezra Dillard 1-20, Ohler 2-17.
A. Beavers: 7 solo, 5 asst, TFL, 2 Sack
C. Belt: 2 solo
B. Birk: 9 solo, 4 asst, TFL
K. Castiller: solo
M. Hunt: solo, 5 asst
M. Joyce: 2 solo
B. Lamey: solo, asst, INT
S. O'Leary: 5 solo, 10 asst
P. Riley: 2 asst, INT
H. Jones: 6 asst
J. Phillips: CF
T. Boone: 4 solo, 7 asst, TFL, Sack
C. McCalister: 4 solo, 4 asst
B. Winders: 10 solo, 5 asst
Records: Crittenden 8-4, Bethlehem 4-8

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Crittenden County hosts Bethlehem tonight at 7pm in the Class A First Region semifinal round.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

PODCAST: Round 2 of Playoffs vs Bethlehem

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Marion, Ky.

Assault continues on Rocket Record Book

By Andy Hunt

Following are some statistics where this year's player has tied or is approaching the school record:

Hunter Boone
Passing Completions in a Season – Current Record: 160, Hunter Boone (2016)
148, Hunter Boone (2017)
Passing Attempts in a Season – Current Record: 305, Hunter Boone (2016)
257, Hunter Boone (2017)
Single Season 100-Yard Passing Games – Current Record: 11, Nick Castiller (2015)
10, Hunter Boone (2017)
Single Season 200-Yard Passing Games – Current Record: 5, Nick Castiller (2015)
4, Hunter Boone (2017)
Devon Nesbitt
Rushing TDs Scored in a Season – Current Record: 22, Jimmy Hopper (1963)
20, Devon Nesbitt (2017)
Rushing TDs Scored in a Season by a Junior – Current Record: 20, Dennis Mott (1963)
20, Devon Nesbitt (2017)
Points Scored in a Season – Current Record: 149, Jimmy Hopper (1963)
142, Devon Nesbitt (2017)
Ethan Dossett
Receiving TDs in a Career – Current Record: 17, T.K. Guess (2002-2005)
13, Ethan Dossett (2015-Present)
125-Plus Yard Receiving Games in a Career – Current Record: 4, T.K. Guess (2002-2005)
4, Ethan Dossett (2015-Present)
Adam Beavers
Tackles in a Career – Current Record: 345, Gaige Courtney (2005-2008)
341, Adam Beavers (2014-Present)
Sacks in a Career – Current Record: 15, Zack Beverly (1999-2002)
15, Adam Beavers (2014-Present)
Cody Belt
PATs Made in a Season – Current Record: 39, Will Perkins (2015)
38, Cody Belt (2017)
Made PAT % in a Career – Current Record: 91.14%, Will Perkins (2015-2016), 72/79
92.86%, Cody Belt (2014-Present), 39/42
Made PAT % in a Season – Current Record: 94.29%, Will Perkins (2016), 33/35
95.00%, Cody Belt (2017), 38/40
Tyler Boone
Tackles by a Freshman in a Season – Current Record: 87, Gavin Dickerson (2015)
70, Tyler Boone (2017)
Braxton Winders
Passing Completions by a Freshman in a Season – Current Record: 11, Brian Berry (2007)
10, Braxton Winders (2017)
Passing Attempts by a Freshman in a Season – Current Record: 19, Brian Berry (2007)
16, Braxton Winders (2017)
Passing Yards by a Freshman in a Season – Current Record: 138, Hunter Jones (2016)
89, Braxton Winders (2017)
Caden McCallister
        Interceptions by a Freshman in a Season – Current Record: 3, T.K. Guess (2002)
3, Caden McCallister (2017)