Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Okay, sports fans... it's time !

Rocket football fans are already biting at their nails, anxiously awaiting the upcoming football season. Coming off last year's state semifinal loss to Beechwood, Crittenden County is poised for another stellar season. But guess what? Mayfield is ticked off. The Cardinals are projected as the district champion this year by Cat's Pause Magazine, with CCHS second.

Rocket coach Al Starnes is very pleased with preseason numbers and workouts. A host of incoming freshmen help bring the roster to 40 players. Many of those freshmen will be impact players. Look for ninth graders Stephon Cozart, Zac Collins, Eli Bebout and Bowe Wallace to letter this season and few others may also. The young guys are pushing the upperclassmen, making the competition for positions fierce. The result will be a much improved football team.

Stay tuned for more ....