Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fulton County forfeits Friday's game

The Rockets' Homecoming football game scheduled for Friday night has been cancelled.  Fulton County has forfeited. 

Homecoming festivities will be re-scheduled for the first round of the playoffs, Nov. 6, which will be held at Rocket Stadium. By virtue of its 1-0 win from Fulton's forfeit, Crittenden earns the needed second district victory to host a first-round playoff game. Crittenden is now 7-0 overall and 2-0 in the Class A First District. There is an scenario where the Rockets could end up third in the district and not hosting a first round game. Should that happen, it's unclear what would be done about homecoming.

Fulton County Superintendent Charles Holliday said he suspended Pilots' coach James Bridges on Wednesday at the recommendation of the principal of the school.

Holliday told The Paducah Sun he couldn't discuss personnel issues when asked why Bridges was suspended.

A fight broke out Oct. 2 with four minutes remaining in Fulton County's home game with Calloway County. The newspaper reported officials at both schools said they await a KHSAA statement before deciding whether to suspend any players.