Friday, August 13, 2010

Rockets preseason scrimmage highlights

at Rocket Stadium, Friday, Aug. 13

Class A Crittenden County
Class 6A Muhlenberg County

Pictured is Dustin Hernandez rushing during the scrimmage.

10 plays on offense
CC-Rockets in Wing-T move ball 45 yards on runs by Tanner Nix, Dustin Hernandez and Andrew Freeman. Interception thrown by QB Brian Berry at Muhlenberg 15-yard line. Bowe Wallace good run. Pass completion to Freeman ends series.
MC-Mustangs throwing regularly move to Rocket 15. Crittenden defense gets into Muhlenberg backfield three times. Series ends.
CC-Rockets run more from I and spread offenses. One completed pass to Brice Willis. Series ends at midfield.
MC-Mustangs scored on sixth play of series. Three passes set up touchdown run. Rocket DB Brian Berry injured.
CC-Second team offense shows some spark. Good runs by Grant Gardner and Bowe Wallace. Gardner scores on 10-yard run after double handoff on eighth play of series. Bobby Knox has catch and long run, almost scores. Series ends.
MC-Mustangs fumble at midfield.
CC-Rocket second team moves ball with runs by Brenden Phillips and Hernandez. Hernandez scores on 5-yard run on eighth play of series. Series ends after long pass to Ethan Hill and Hernandez run to Mustang 10.
CC-Rocket third team scores touchdown on run by Zac Tinsley.

Rockets win controlled portion of scrimmage 3 touchdowns to 1.

Game-type play with two 10-minute quarters
CC-Freeman, Nix and Bowe Wallace have good runs. Rockets end with fourth down at at Mustang 10.
MC-Mustangs moved to midfield and punt.
CC-Backup quarterback Bryce Willis behind center because starter Berry injured early in scrimmage. X-ray on elbow proves negative, but he does not return. Willis completes pass to Freeman for first down, but drive stalls at midfield.
MC-Mustangs score on 15-yard TD pass over middle on last play of first period. Kick good. Muhlenberg leads 7-0.

CC-Rockets move ball from own 42 to Mustang 40, fourth down.
MC-Mustangs score on 45-yard pass down sideline with 6:56 to play in period. Kick fails. Mustangs lead 13-0.
CC-Rockets start at 25, but lose ground. Punt.
MC-Mustang drive stalls at Rocket 33.
CC-Rockets move ball with a couple of passes and Freeman runs to Mustang 25, first-and-10. Next play, Willis pass is intercepted.

Muhlenberg wins down-and-distance portion 13-0