Tuesday, September 20, 2016

KHSAA fines McLean $1,300

Following is an excerpt from the Final Ruling by the KHSAA with regard to the Crittenden-McLean County football game:


  • The ejected student-athletes are to be administered through the normal ejection protocol and administered a one-game penalty, and the ejected coach will be handled through the normal ejection protocol and administered a two-game penalty per Bylaw 15 and Bylaw 21.
  • The KHSAA will accept the school-imposed penalties against the seventeen (17) identified McLean County nonplayers who left the bench during the altercation, in which the school penalized each student with a one-week suspension from all levels of play.
  • All coaches at McLean County will be required to complete the NFHSLearn.com course entitled “Teaching and Modeling Behavior” prior to week nine of regular season play in 2016, to reinforce the requirements for managing student-athlete groups. Failure to complete the course and have completion documented to the KHSAA will result in immediate suspension from contests until such completion has been verified.
  • The Principal at McLean County shall conduct a comprehensive review of sportsmanship expectations within the athletic program and shall report to the Association on the completion of this task.
  • The Principals at both schools shall review all game management practices and determine any changes necessary to prevent recurrence of this type of situation, as well as ensuring the proper recording of all games played at their home facilities. The complete parameters for the recording of football contests are contained in the KHSAA competition rules.
  • A maximum fine of $14,000 to $19,000 (depending upon the number of identified nonplayers who left the bench) at $1,000 per incident could have been imposed. However, it is critical that the KHSAA recognize the aggressive and strong steps taken by its membership. In this case, the administration at McLean County was quick and decisive in their review and their willingness to administer proper sanction and allow the program to move forward. This certainly mitigates and lessens the need for further extensive penalty. In that light, a $1300 fine is assessed against the football program at McLean County High School for violations of Bylaw 15 for the nonplayers (uniformed players who were not in the game at the time) who left the bench area during the altercation.
  • The KHSAA will have no further comment on these rulings. All inquiries should be directed to school administrators at the local level.