Wednesday, October 30, 2019

AT A GLANCE: Rockets vs Todd Central

2018: 5-6 (Lost in first round of playoffs to Murray, 14-50)
2017: 6-5 (Lost in first round of playoffs to Mayfield, 0-55)
2016: 0-10
2015: 3-8
2014: 2-8
2013: 0-10

TCC Head Coach, Darrell Keith, is in his first season.
Todd County Central since 2001TCC has only won 21.2% of its games.  They are 46-171 over that time period.  CC has won 57.7% of its games over the same period.
TCC has had five seasons they did not win a game.
TCC has had three losing streaks of substantial length (19, 22, and 23 games). 
TCC has scored more than 35 points 16 times, going 15-1 in those games.  Over the same time period, the Rockets have accomplished the feat 67 times, losing three times (2004, Union County, 49-52; 2016, Bethlehem, 36-43; 2017, Ballard Memorial, 70-74).
TODD COUNTY CENTRAL SERIES1970 - Loss - 0-10 – Away
1971 - Win - 8-0 – Home
1991 - Win - 42-28 - Home
1992 - Loss - 7-14 - Away
1993 - Win - 7-0 - Home
1994 - Loss - 0-33 - Away
1995 - Loss - 6-34 - Home
1996 - Win - 13-7 - Away
1996 - Loss - 26-32 - Home - Playoffs
1997 - Win - 64-7 - Home
1998 - Win - 28-13 - Away
1999 - Win - 7-6 - Home
2000 - Win - 29-20 - Away
2015 - Win - 35-14 - Home
2016 - Win - 28-14 - Away
CC leads the series 10-5 (66.7% win pct.).
Biggest win in the series for CC, 64-7 in 1997.  Tied for CC largest margin of victory in a single game.
Biggest loss in the series for CC, 0-33 in 1994.
Random Notes

Xander Tabor has 17 career rushing touchdowns is tied for 18th.  Demetric Moss, Sean Thompson, and Donny Beverly all have 18 career rushing touchdowns.
Xander Tabor is tied for 17th in total touchdowns in a career with 20.  Jeramie Sorina has 22, Branen Lamey has 23, and Dylan Hollis has 23.
Xander Tabor has 120 career points and ranks tied for 21st on the list.  Next up is Brian Berry 129, Gavin Dickerson 132, Jeramie Sorina 132, and Sean Thompson 132.
Last week, Xander Tabor became the 12th player to have 1,750 rushing yards in a career in school history.
Last week, Xander Tabor recorded the 19th 1,000 yard rushing season in school history.
Xander Tabor has 1,146 rushing yards this season.  He currently has the 11th most in a single season.  With 210 more yards he have the sixth highest total ever in a single season. 
Xander Tabor needs 218 more yards to be the 12th player to rack up 2,000 yards of offense in a career.  Yards of offense includes rushing and passing yards.
Xander Tabor needs 149 more yards to be the 13th player to have 2,000 yards from scrimmage in a career.  Yards of scrimmage include rushing and receiving yards.
With 35 more yards, Xander Tabor will be the 13th player to have 1,250 yards from scrimmage in a season.
Noah Perkins is now 8th in career PAT attempted with 49.  Next on the list is Parker Johnson with 53 and Brad Madden and Alex Summers both with 60.
Noah Perkins is tied for 10th in PATs attempted in a season with 32.  Will Perkins (2016) has 35, Micah Hollamon (2010) has 39, and George Congenie (2005) has 42.
Noah Perkins is 6th in career PAT made with 45.  Next on the list is Parker Johnson with 48 and Micah Hollamon with 68.
Noah Perkins has 28 made PATs this season.  Perkins ranks 10th on the list with Micah Hollamon having 29, Will Perkins having 33 and George Congenie having 33.
Noah Perkins currently has a 91.84% career made PAT percentage (45/49).  The record is 91.67% by Cody Belt (2014-2017).  
Lathen Easley has become the 44th player to have at least 150 career tackles.
Lathen Easley currently ranks tied for 3rd in career sacks with 15.  Ahead of him on the list are Adam Beavers (17) and Sean O’Leary (18).
Lathen Easley is tied for second in career forced fumbles with nine.  Travis McKinney is the all-time leader with ten.
Crittenden County junior, Lathen Easley recorded three sacks last week giving him six for the season.  Matt Jent holds the record for sacks by a junior with seven.
Preston Morgeson tied the freshman record for interceptions in a season.  The three other current record holders are T.K. Guess (2002), Caden McCallister (2017), and Tyler Boone (2017).
The next win for the Rockets will be the 300th in school history.
If the Rockets make it to the third round of the playoffs, the senior class will have played in the most games ever by a graduating class (51).  
Xander Tabor has rushed for more than 200 yards in three out of the last four games.  No Rocket player had ever accomplished that feat before.  Over those four games he is averaging 8.7 yards per carry (86 att., 748 yards, 7 TDs).  Keeping that pace over a 10 game season, Tabor would have 1,870 rushing yards.
The Rockets for the first time in school history have won the district title three years in a row.