Wednesday, November 20, 2019

At a Glance: Rockets in State Quarterfinal at KCD


2019 Kentucky Country Day Results (12-0, 5-0)
Atherton (5-6, 5A) – 23-7 – WIN
Thomas Nelson (1-10, 3A) – 43-12 – WIN
Washington County (5-6, 2A) – 41-39 – WIN
Seneca (2-9, 5A) – 49-6 – WIN
Iroquois (2-9, 5A) – 47-8 – WIN
Southern (4-7, 6A) – 27-7 – WIN
Berea (7-4, 1A) – 36-14 – WIN
Frankfort (4-7, 1A) – 61-22 – WIN
Eminence (9-3, 1A) – 62-13 – WIN
Campbellsville (6-5, 1A) – 38-6 – WIN
Berea (7-4, 1A) – 50-0 – WIN
Eminence (9-3, 1A) – 34-26 – WIN
  • Scored 511 Points – Second best in Class A (CC is 7th)
  • Allowed 160 Points – Fourth best in Class A (CC is 2nd)
  • Team Rushing Yards – 3,061 Yards (CC – 2,584)
  • Team Rushing Yards Allowed – 1,176 Yards (CC – 965)
  • Team Passing Yards – 1,296 Yards (CC – 1,429)
  • Team Passing Yards Allowed – 1,695 Yards (CC – 1,046)
Stats of the Week
363 students of Kentucky Country Day (KCD) have gone on to play college athletics.  That is an average of about eight students per year since the school’s opening for the 1972-1973 school year.  Based upon an estimated class size of 72 at KCD, that means, on average, 11.1% of KCD students go on to play college sports.
When the game starts against KCD, this Crittenden County senior class will have played in the most games ever (51).
Xander Tabor has 1,477 rushing yards this season.  He currently has the 3rd most in a single season.  With 105 more yards he will have the highest total in a single season surpassing the 56-year old record of Jimmy Hopper (1,581 yards).
Xander Tabor has exactly 1,640 yards from scrimmage this season and that is the second highest total ever.  With 99 more yards from scrimmage, Tabor will set the record for highest total in a single season.  The record holder is Devon Nesbitt with 1,738.

Noah Perkins is 2nd in PATs attempted in a season with 51.  The single season record holder is Parker Johnson (2018) with 53.
Kentucky Country Day Key Player Stats
#7 – Luke Russo (Soph.) – 56/100, 1033 Passing Yards, 15 TDs, 2 INTs
#6 – Dorian Heard (Sr.) – 170 Attempts, 1,633 Yards, 26 TDs
#6 – Dorian Heard – 9 Receptions, 143 Yards, 4 TDs
#3 – Nick Smith (Sr.) – 88 Attempts, 836 Yards, 14 TDs
#3 – Nick Smith – 32 Receptions, 726 Yards, 10 TDs
#28 – Exavier Douglas (Jr.) – 111 Tackles, 10 TFLs, 5 sacks, 2 INTs (Both Returned for TDs)
#5 – Jalen Todd (Jr.) – 86 Tackles, 8 TFLs, 7 Sacks, 1 INT (Returned for TD)
#9 – Aiden Yaresimides (Jr.) – 71 Tackles
#27 – Jackson Hubert (Jr.) – 49 Tackles, 2 TFL, 4 INTs

Kentucky Country Day Football Notes
- KCD has converted 17 successful two-point conversions and made 34 PATs this season.
- Star running back Dorian Heard attempted two passes in the second round playoff game.
- In the first matchup with Eminence, KCD passed for 220 compared to 86 in the game last week.
- In the first matchup with Eminence, KDC ran for 227 yards with no breaking 100 yards.  Last week, two backs went over 100 yards and the team totaled 301 yards rushing.
- Last week, Eminence passed for 311 yards on 14 completions and only ran for 65 on 27 carries.  In the first matchup with KCD, Eminence passed for 198 yards and ran for 53 yards.
- Four Eminence players had 11 or more tackles last week versus KCD.  No Eminence player had more than eight tackles in the game versus KCD in the regular season.
- KCD has 27 players on its roster. (29 in ’18 and 31 in ’17)
- KCD is on an eight game home winning streak.

Kentucky Country Day School Notes
- Tuition for High School students is $23,245 per school year.
- 30% of students receive financial aid which has an average distribution of $13,850
- 815 students are enrolled for grades K-12.
- Average class size is 16
- 100% of KCD students attend college
- KCD was formed by the consolidation of Louisville Country Day (Boys only) and Kentucky Home School (Girls only) for the 1972-1973 school year.
- KCD has had 23 All-Americans total in golf, tennis, swimming, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, and basketball.
- KCD has had 363 students play college sports.
- KCD has won 17 state championships and 29 state runner-ups.
- The KCD campus is approximately 80 acres.
- Per Wikipedia, each grade is designed to have 72 students.

The Tenure of Kentucky Country Day Head Coach, Matthew Jones
Overall: 66-25 (69.5% winning percentage)
2019: 12-0
2018: 6-6 (Lost in 2nd Round of Playoffs to Beechwood, 6-50)
2017: 11-2 (Lost in Region Final to Beechwood, 14-35)
2016: 10-3 (Lost in Region Final to Beechwood, 7-42)
2015: 5-5 (Lost in 2nd Round of Playoffs to Holy Cross (Louisville), 28-34)
2014: 6-5 (Lost in 1st Round of Playoffs to Russellville, 7-39)
2013: 5-6 (Lost in 1st Round of Playoffs to Russellville, 6-55)
2012: 11-2 (Lost in Region Final to Mayfield, 14-35)

Kentucky Country Day Series
Season - Result - Score - Location
2008 – WIN – 47-0 – Home
2009 – WIN – 48-9 – Home
CC leads the series 2-0.
In both matchups, CC was a heavy favorite and the wide margin of victory in both games was not surprising.

Opponents with Zero Wins Versus Crittenden County
Bowling Green High Street (1-0)
Carroll County (1-0)
Caverna (10-0)
Dexter (MO) (1-0)
Fort Knox (1-0)
Greenville (6-0)
Henderson Douglas (1-0)
Kentucky Country Day (2-0)
Lake County (TN) (1-0)
Logan County (2-0)
Muhlenberg North (2-0)
North Warren (1-0)
Paducah Lincoln (2-0)
Paintsville (1-0)
Stewart County (TN) (2-0)

Crittenden County Single Game School Records 
Versus Kentucky Country Day 
(Some Statistical Categories Unavailable)
Passing Yards: 55, J.D. Gray, 2009
Passing Completions: 3, J.D. Gray, 2009
Passing Attempts: 6, J.D. Gray, 2009
Passing Touchdowns: N/A, minimum 1
Interceptions Thrown: N/A, minimum 1
Rushing Yards: 233, Rodney Robertson, 2008
Rushing Touchdowns: 3 (three times), Rodney Robertson, 2008, J.D. Gray, 2009, and Andrew Freeman, 2009
Rushing Attempts: 18, Andrew Freeman, 2009
Receiving Yards: 55, Tanner Nix, 2009                           
Receptions: 3, Tanner Nix, 2009
Receiving Touchdowns: N/A, minimum 1
Tackles: 9 (twice), David Mitchell, 2008 and Josh Urbanowski, 2008
Tackles for Loss: 3, Andrew Freeman, 2009
Interceptions: 1 (twice), Tanner Nix and Josh Urbanowski, 2008
Sacks: N/A, minimum 1
Caused Fumbles: 1, Daniel Price, 2009
Fumble Recoveries: 3, Andrew Freeman, 2008
Longest TD Pass: N/A, None Thrown
Longest TD Run: 4 Yards, Rodney Robertson, 2008
Longest Interception Return for a TD: N/A, None Returned
Longest Fumble Return for a TD: 21 Yards, Andrew Freemen, 2008
Longest Punt Return for a TD: N/A, None Returned
Longest Kickoff Return for a TD: N/A, None Returned
Longest Field Goal: N/A, None Attempted
Most Points Scored: 18 (three times), Rodney Robertson, 2008, J.D. Gray, 2009, and Andrew Freeman, 2009
Crittenden County Playoff Game School Records
(Some Statistical Categories Unavailable)Passing Yards: 251, Austin Berry, 2004 vs. Mayfield (Round 2)
Passing Completions: 25, Hunter Boone, 2016 vs. Bethlehem (Round 2)
Passing Attempts: 39, Hunter Boone, 2016 vs. Bethlehem (Round 2)
Passing Touchdowns: 5, Hunter Boone, 2016 vs. Fort Knox (Round 1)
Interceptions Thrown: 4, Hunter Boone, 2016 vs. Bethlehem (Round 2)
Highest Completion Percentage: 75.00% (18/24) , Hunter Boone, 2016 vs. Fort Knox (Round 1) *min. 14 attempts
Rushing Yards: 252, Devon Nesbitt, 2017 vs. Bethlehem (Round 2)
Rushing Touchdowns: 6, Rodney Robertson, 2008 vs. Ballard Memorial (Round 2) School RecordRushing Attempts: 40, Devon Nesbitt, 2017 vs. Bethlehem (Round 2)

Receiving Yards: 125, Ethan Hunt, 2016 vs. Bethlehem (Round 2)
Receptions: 12, Ethan Hunt, 2016 vs. Bethlehem (Round 2)
Receiving Touchdowns: 3, Ethan Hunt, 2016 vs. Bethlehem (Round 2)

Tackles: 22 (twice), Blake Gardner, 2005 vs. Mayfield (Rd 2) and Adam Beavers, 2017, vs. Campbellsville (Rd 3)
Tackles for Loss: 4 (three times), Shawn Lanham, 2002 vs. Fulton City (Round 1); Adam Beavers, 2016 vs. Bethlehem; Tyler Boone, 2018 vs. Campbellsville (Round 3)
Interceptions: 2 (twice), Denis Hodge, 1985 vs. Carroll County (Rd 4) and Caden McCallister, 2017 vs. Caverna (Rd 1)
Sacks: 3, Braxton Winders, 2019 vs. Caverna (Round 1)
Caused Fumbles: 2, Sean O’Leary, 2018 vs. Caverna (Round 1)
Fumble Recoveries: 3 (three times), Andrew Freeman, 2008 vs. Kentucky  Country Day (Round 1); Devin Hopper, 2015 vs. Caverna (Round 1); Ethan Hunt, 2016 vs. Fort Knox (Round 1)

Longest TD Pass: 75 Yards, Blake Gardner from Austin Berry, 2005 vs. Fulton County (Round 1)
Longest TD Run: 75 Yards, Rodney Robertson, 2008 vs. Ballard Memorial (Round 2)
Longest Interception Return for a TD: 60 Yards, Xander Tabor, 2019 vs. Russellville (Round 2)
Longest Fumble Return for a TD: 21 Yards, Andrew Freeman, 2008 vs. Kentucky Country Day (Round 1)
Longest Punt Return for a TD: 63 Yards, J.D. Gray, 2008, vs. Ballard Memorial (Round 2)
Longest Kickoff Return for a TD: 92 Yards, Alex Cosby, 2015 vs. Bethlehem (Round 2)
Longest Field Goal: 26 Yards, Will Perkins, 2016 vs. Bethlehem (Round 2)
Most Points Scored: 36, Rodney Robertson, 2008 vs. Ballard Memorial (Round 2)
Crittenden County Single Game Records Versus Caverna Broken or Tied Last Week
(Some Statistical Categories Unavailable)Longest Interception Return for a TD: 60 Yards, Xander Tabor, 2019 (Playoff)

Most Points Scored: 
24 (twice), Jeramie Sorina, 2006 and Xander Tabor, 2019 (Playoff)

Random Notes
Xander Tabor has 2,087 yards rushing in his career which ranks no. 8 all-time.  Blake Gardner is in 7th with 2,349.  
Xander Tabor has 23 career rushing touchdowns and is 11th in that category.  Next up are Blake Gardner with 23 and Andrew Freeman with 25 career rushing touchdowns each.
Xander Tabor has 15 rushing touchdowns this season and is tied for 10th in that category.  Next up are David Beverly (1996) with 16, Dennis Mott (1964) with 17 and Brad Madden (1998) with 19..
Xander Tabor has 295 career rushing attempts.  With 24 more he will break into the top-7 in career rushing attempts.
Xander Tabor has 191 attempts this season which is the 7th most in a season.  With 24 more attempts, he will have the second most ever in a single season.  The record is David Beverly (1996) with 261.
Xander Tabor has become the 15th player to have 2,000 yards of offense in a career.  Yards of offense include rushing and passing yards.
Xander Tabor needs 23 more yards to be the 12th player to have 1,500 yards of offense in a season.  
Xander Tabor has 2,276 yards from scrimmage in his career which ranks ninth on the all-time list.  Yards of scrimmage include rushing and receiving yards.  
Xander Tabor is 13th in total touchdowns in a career with 28.  Next on the list are Andrew Freeman with 29, Brad Madden with 30 and Denis Hodge with 31.
Xander Tabor has 20 total touchdowns this season which is tied for the 7th most in a single season.  Next up are Rodney Robertson (2008) with 21, T.K. Guess (2004) with 22, and Ronnie Moss (1988) with 22.
Xander Tabor has 168 career points and ranks 13th on the list.  Next up are Andrew Freeman with 178, Denis Hodge with 198 and Blake Gardner with 208.
Xander Tabor is tied for 10th in scoring in a season with 120 points.  Next up are Rodney Robertson (2008) with 128, T.K. Guess (2005) with 128 and Brad Madden (1998) with 131.
Noah Perkins is now 5th in career PATs attempted with 68.  Next on the list are Will Perkins with 79 and Micha Hollamon with 84.
Noah Perkins broke the record for PATs attempted by a junior with 51.  The prior record holder was J.R. Adams (2008) with 50.
Noah Perkins is 5th in career PATs made with 61.  Next on the list is Micah Hollamon with 68.
Noah Perkins has 44 made PATs this season.  Perkins ranks 2nd on the list and 1st is Parker Johnson with 48 (2018).
Noah Perkins now holds the record for number of PATs made by a junior with 44.  The previous record holder was Will Perkins with 39.
Lathen Easley currently ranks 3rd in career sacks with 16.  Ahead of him on the list are Adam Beavers (17) and Sean O’Leary (18).
Lathen Easley is tied for second in career forced fumbles with nine.  Travis McKinney is the all-time leader with ten.
Crittenden County junior, Braxton Winders has eight sacks for the season.  Last week, he broke Matt Jent’s (1998) record for sacks by a junior.  The record was seven.
Braxton Winders has eight sacks this season.  That is tied for fifth most in a single season.
Preston Morgeson tied the freshman record for interceptions in a season.  The three other current record holders are T.K. Guess (2002), Caden McCalister (2017), and Tyler Boone (2017).
Luke Crider has 11 passing touchdowns in his career which ties him for 11th on the all-time list.
Luke Crider’s 11 TD passes this season are tied for the 8th highest total in a single season.
Luke Crider has a 65.63% completion percentage this season.  This currently ranks as the best ever in a single season.  This will not be an official record until the end of the season.
Luke Crider has thrown a TD pass in five consecutive games.  This is the 7th longest streak in school history and the longest ever by a sophomore quarterback.
Preston Turley has the 19th highest single season receiving yardage total in school history with 420 yards.  Next on the list is Payton Riley with 430 (2018) and Branen Lamey (2018) with 430.
Caden McCalister is the 28th Rocket to have 100 tackles in a season.  McCalister has missed two games this season.
Caden McCalister has seven career interceptions.  He is currently tied for sixth in career interceptions.
Caden McCalister has recovered five fumbles this season which is the most ever by a Rocket junior.  The record was previous held by several Rockets.
This is the third season in-a-row the Rockets have made it to the third round of the playoffs.  Before this current streak, the Rockets had never made it more than two years in-a-row to the third round of the playoffs.
Nicholas County will play this Friday night in the third round of the playoffs.  Since 2008, Nicholas County will be the only other county school (besides Crittenden County) to finish in the final eight teams in class A football with the word “county” in their school name.   All others have been independent/private schools.