Friday, September 25, 2020

At a Glance: Rockets host Murray Tigers

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AT A GLANCE By Andy Hunt

Murray 2020 Schedule

Webster (0-2) – Away – 47-6– Win
Trigg County (1-1) – Home – 41-6– Win
Crittenden County (1-1) – Away
Calloway County (1-1) – Away
Ballard Memorial (0-2) – Home
Caldwell County (1-1) – Away
Mayfield (1-1) – Home
Fulton County (0-2) – Home
Calloway County (1-1) – Unknown

Murray Series
Season - Location - Score - CC Result
1963 - HOME - 14-14 - TIE - Playoffs - *Won on Tie Breaker
1965 - HOME - 0-28 - Loss
1966 - AWAY - 6-42 - Loss
1967 - HOME - 12-44 - Loss
1968 - AWAY - 0-38 - Loss
1983 - AWAY - 8-20 - Loss
1984 - HOME - 6-14 - Loss
1987 - AWAY - 0-21 - Loss
1988 - HOME - 10-3 - WIN
1989 - AWAY - 0-20 - Loss
1990 - HOME - 21-27 - Loss - DOUBLE OT
1991 - AWAY - 0-27 - Loss - Playoffs
1999 - MSU - 12-9 - WIN OT
2000 - AWAY - 0-37 - Loss
2000 - AWAY - 14-41 - Loss - Playoffs
2002 - HOME - 18-8 - WIN - Playoffs
2003 - AWAY - 12-27 - Loss - Playoffs
2009 - MSU - 7-24 – Loss
2010 - HOME - 10-21 – Loss
2011 - AWAY - 0-35 – Loss
2012 - HOME - 0-41 – Loss
2013 - AWAY - 0-54 – Loss
2014 - HOME - 0-69 - Loss

CC is behind in the series 3-19-1 (15.2% winning percentage).

Versus teams played at least 10 times, CC’s winning percentage of 15.2% against Murray is its third worst.  Only Mayfield (13.3%) and Fort Campbell are lower (14.3%).

Biggest win in the series for CC, 18-8 in 2002.

Biggest loss in the series for CC, 0-69 in 2014.

In the Murray series, CC has been outscored 81-378 in the first half.  Murray has been held scoreless in the first half only twice.

When CC holds Murray to 13 points or less, CC is 3-0.

CC has not scored a defensive or special teams TD against Murray in the 23 game series.


Crittenden County Single Game School Records Versus Murray
(Some Statistical Categories Unavailable)
Passing Yards: 104, Brian Berry, 2010
Passing Completions: 14, Zach Brantley, 2000
Passing Attempts: 22, Travis Gilbert, 2011
Passing Touchdowns: 1, Bob Buckalew, 1967 and Al Simmons, 1983
Interceptions Thrown: 4, Buddy McDaniel, 1984

Rushing Yards: 121, Sean Thompson, 2002
Rushing Touchdowns: 2, Dennis Mott, 1963
Rushing Attempts: 20, Johnny Crider, 1983

Receiving Yards: 74, Chad Perryman, 1991
Receptions: Minimum 6, Kayle Malcom, 1984 and Wes Evers, 2011
Receiving Touchdowns: 1, Frank Head, 1967 and Kayle Malcom, 1983

Tackles: 22, Josh Andrews, 1987
Tackles for Loss: 3, Korey Mayes, 2011
Interceptions: 1, Ricky Parsley, 1967, Darron Holliman, 1984, Denis Hodge, 1984, & Alex Summers, 1984
Sacks: N/A, minimum 2
Forced Fumbles: N/A, minimum 2
Fumble Recoveries: N/A, minimum 2

Longest TD Pass: 20 Yards, Tanner Nix from Brian Berry, 2009
Longest TD Run: 71 Yards, Tracey Armstrong, 1990
Longest Interception Return for a TD: N/A, none returned
Longest Fumble Return for a TD: N/A, none returned
Longest Punt Return for a TD: N/A, none returned
Longest Kickoff Return for a TD: N/A, none returned
Longest Field Goal: 42 Yards, Brad Madden, 1999
Most Points Scored: 12 Points, Dennis Mott, 1963

Even though Crittenden County has only won four times against Murray (technically three if you count 1963 as a tie), the Rockets may have made the most of their opportunities and been victorious in the three most important matchups.  The 1963 “tie”, which ended up being with CC taking the win on a tie breaker, was for the Region 1 title.  In 1999, the opening game of the season pitted the Rockets against the no. 7 Tigers.  The Rockets won in OT on a 21-yard Brad Madden field goal.   That win started a streak of eight consecutive wins to start the season which, at the time, was the best start in school history.  In 2002, even though favored by seeding, CC seemed to be the underdog in everyone’s mind after earlier in the season CC lost to Ballard Memorial which later would easily be beaten by Murray.  Crittenden County pulled out a muddy 18-8 win by holding eventual Murray State All-American player, Nathan Williams, to only 23 rushing yards.

2020 Season Notes
CC has 195 total penalty yards in the first two games of the season.  The last time CC had more penalty yards in the first two games of the season was in 1998 when they had 197.

Union County had 108 penalty yards last week versus CC.  In the last 48 games, opponents of CC have only had over 100 yards in penalties four times including last week.

In the last five games, CC has held its opponent to 66 or less rushing yards four times.  The last time the CC defense outperformed that stat was in 2008 when the CC defense held its opponents to 58 yards or less in six of seven games.

The 32 rushing attempts by Xander Tabor last week were the most ever by a Rocket running back versus Union County and tied for the 10th most versus any opponent.

Tyler Boone had four tackles for loss versus Union County which was the 22nd time in school history a player has recorded at least four tackles for loss.

Last season, Preston Morgeson set the freshman record with nine receptions.  This season Morgeson already has eight receptions through two games.   In addition to that, he has almost doubled his career receiving yardage and receiving touchdowns as well.

The next win for CC will tie Coach Thompson for the second most wins in school history with Pat Gates (23).

The fastest coach to 23 wins is Pat Gates as he accomplished the feat in his 35th game as head coach.  Coach Thompson would gain his 23rd win in his 29th game if the Rockets were to be victorious this week.

Record Breaker Watch
Xander Tabor is 7th in career rushing yards with 2,472.  Next up are Ronnie Moss with 2,493 and Rodney Robertson with 2,835.  Moss was previously reported to have 3,486 yards but per end of season totals (1,505 Jr., 958 Soph, 30 Fr.) 2,493 is what is accounted for.

Xander Tabor is 9th in career rushing touchdowns with 27.  Next up are Brad Madden (1996-1999) with 29 and Jimmy Hopper (1961-1963) with 30.

Xander Tabor is sixth in career rushing attempts with 362.  Next up are Jimmy Hopper with 371 and Rodney Robertson with 464.

Luke Crider is tied for 10th in career touchdown passes with 13.  Next up are Turner Martin with 14 and David Cozart & Sean Thompson with 15.

Luke Crider is 6th in career completion percentage with 53.23%.  Austin Berry is the all-time leader with 57.32%.

Luke Crider is 5th in career passer rating with 127.28.  Austin Berry is the all-time leader with 166.82.

Luke Crider is 2nd in career passing touchdowns to interceptions ratio.  Austin Berry is the all-time leader with 2.61.

Tyler Boone is 11th in career receiving yards with 605.  Next up are Jerry Jessup with 622 and Bobby Knox with 654.

Preston Turley is six yards from becoming the 22nd player in school history to have 500 career yards receiving.

Tyler Boone and Preston Turley are tied for 17th in career receiving touchdowns with 7.  Next up are five players with eight and four with nine receiving touchdowns.

Tyler Boone is tied for 22nd in career receptions.  Next up are Tyler Coleman (37), Grant Gardner (38), and Tanner Nix, Shawnte Moss, & Jared Champion with 40. 

Preston Turley is tied for 26th in career receptions.  Next up are Shane Carter (33), Brad Hart (34), and Payton Riley (35).

Xander Tabor is 11th in career yards of offense (rushing +passing).  Next up are Rodney Robertson with 2,835 and Sean Thompson with 2,987.

Xander Tabor is 8th in yards from scrimmage (rushing + receiving) with 2,655.  Next up are Blake Gardner with 2,855 and T.K. Guess with 2,869.

Xander Tabor is 10th in career total touchdowns with 32.  Next up are Blake Gardner with 33 and Jimmy Hopper with 34.

Xander Tabor is 15th in career touchdowns responsible for.  Next up are Blake Gardner & Denis Hodge with 33 and Sean Thompson & Jimmy Hopper with 34.

Xander Tabor is 12th in career scoring with 192 points.  Next up are Denis Hodge with 198 and Blake Gardner with 208.

Noah Perkins is 5th in career extra points attempted with 74.  Next up are Will Perkins with 79 and Micah Hollamon with 84.

Noah Perkins is 5th in career extra points made with 67.  Next up are Micah Hollamon with 68 and Will Perkins with 72.

Xander Tabor is tied for second in career interceptions returned for a touchdown with 2.  T.K. Guess is the all-time leader with 4.

With eight more tackles, Tyler Boone will become the sixth player in CC history to have 300 tackles.

Braxton Winders is 11th in career tackles with 256.  Next up are Billy Mills with 274, Aaron Berry with 277 and Sean O’Leary with 281.

Caden McCalister is 10th in career tackles with 255.  Next up are Braxton Winders with 256, Billy Mills with 274, Aaron Berry with 277 and Sean O’Leary with 281.

Lathen Easley is tied for 31st in career tackles with 186.  There are five players within 15 tackles of him.

Tyler Boone is fourth in career tackles for loss with 36.  Next up are Aaron Berry with 43, Sean O’Leary with 44, and the all-time leader, Adam Beavers, with 47.

Lathen Easley is tied for 6th in career tackles for loss with 27.  Next up are Dylan Clark with 35 and Tyler Boone with 36.

Dylan Yates is tied for 18th in career tackles for loss with 16.  Next up are Travis Fitzgerald, Dustin Lanham, & Lucas Mick with 18 and Jordan Roberts with 19.

Caden McCalister became the 24th player in school history last week to record 15 career tackles for loss.  

Caden McCalister and Xander Tabor have 7 career interceptions which ranks them tied for sixth on the all-time list.  Next up are Chad Perryman with 8 and Mike Taylor with 10.

Lathen Easley has 16 sacks which ranks 3rd on the all-time list.  Ahead of Easley are Adam Beavers with 17 and Sean O’Leary with 18.

Caden McCalister ranks tied for third in career fumble recoveries with 7.  Billy Mills with 8 and Travis Fitzgerald with 9 are the only two with more fumble recoveries than McCalister.

Noah Perkins is currently on a consecutive extra points made streak of nine which is tied for 16th longest streak in school history.