Sunday, October 25, 2020

At A Glance: Rockets Take On Colonels

 By: Andy Hunt

Henderson County Series (0-7)
1957 – LOSS – 7-27 – Away
1958 – LOSS – 7-28 – Home
1959 – LOSS – 6-26 – Away
1960 – LOSS – 13-47 – Home
1961 – LOSS – 13-38 – Away (Game was played on a Thursday Night)
1962 – LOSS – 6-7 – Home
1963 – LOSS – 13-20 – Away

Crittenden County Single Game School Records Versus Henderson County
(Some Statistical Categories Unavailable) - Many of the games prior to 1963 did not have stats available for each game.
Passing Yards: Unknown
Passing Completions: Unknown
Passing Attempts: Unknown
Passing Touchdowns: Unknown
Interceptions Thrown: Unknown

Rushing Yards: 91, Steve Davidson, 1960
Rushing Touchdowns: 2, Dennis Mott, 1963
Rushing Attempts: Unknown

Receiving Yards: Unknown                                                 
Receptions: Unknown
Receiving Touchdowns: Unknown

Tackles: Unknown
Tackles for Loss: Unknown
Interceptions: Unknown
Sacks: Unknown
Caused Fumbles: Unknown
Fumble Recoveries: Unknown

Longest TD Pass: Unknown
Longest TD Run: 91 Yards, Steve Davidson, 1960 (School Record)
Longest Interception Return for a TD: 75 Yards, Larry Orr, 1962
Longest Fumble Return for a TD: 38 Yards, Tink Orr, 1958
Longest Punt Return for a TD: 70 Yards, Dickie Tabor, 1959
Longest Kickoff Return for a TD: Unknown
Longest Field Goal: None
Most Points Scored: 12 points, Dennis Mott, 1963

6A Henderson County Record (4-1, 3-0)
Hopkinsville (4A, 3-2) – Away – 16-27 – LOSS
Central Hardin (6A, 1-3) – Home – 47-19 – WIN
Apollo* (6A, 3-3)  – Away – 19-14 – WIN
Daviess County* (6A, 2-4) – Home – 63-44 – WIN
McCracken County* (6A, 4-2) – Away – 21-14 – WIN
Crittenden County (1A, 5-1) – Home
Marshall County* (6A, 3-4) – Home

* 6A, district 1 opponent

- Henderson County is ranked #7 is Class 6A.  Their opponent from last week, McCracken County, is ranked #10 this week in 6A.

- In the last 23 seasons, Henderson County has not played a Class A opponent.  The last time Crittenden County played a 6A opponent was in 2014 at Marshall County (6-42 loss).

- This season, Henderson County has 58 players on its roster compared to Crittenden County’s 57.

- Henderson County’s Ben Dalton is third in class 6A with regards to averaging rushing yards per game (137 ypg) and he is 28th in average passing yards per game (70 ypg).

- Henderson County has three of the top 20 rushers in class 6A and the team leads all of class 6A in team rushing yards.

- Jaheim Williams is 6th in scoring in class 6A.  He is averaging 11.2 ppg.  He has scored 8 rushing TDs, 1 receiving TDs, and a two-point conversion.

- The HC kicker, Colton Evans, is 18/21 on the season.  He has not attempted a field goal.

- Henderson County does not report tackles to the KHSAA.

- Henderson County has the sixth highest scoring offense in 6A at 33.2 points per game.

- Henderson County is allowing 281 total yards per game this season.  CC is putting up 320 total yards per contest on average this season.

- CC has given up only 425 rushing yards this entire season.  Henderson County is averaging 308 rushing yards per game.

- Head Coach, Josh Boston (2016-Present), has a record of 27-25, but he has improved the win total in each of his first four seasons at Henderson County.

  • 2016: 3-8
  • 2017: 5-7
  • 2018: 7-5
  • 2019: 8-4
  • 2020: 4-1

Crittenden County Single Game School Records Versus Russellville Broken or Tied Last Week
Rushing Touchdowns: 5, Caden McCalister, 2020 (PREVIOUS: 4, Jeramie Sorina, 2006)
Tackles for Loss: 4 (twice), Sean O'Leary, 2018 and Tyler Boone, 2020
Most Points Scored: 30, Caden McCalister, 2020 (PREVIOUS: 24, Jeramie Sorina, 2006 and Xander Tabor, 2019 (Playoff))

Random Notes
The next game will be the 700th football game in the history of Crittenden County High School.

The Rockets have not allowed a point to be scored in the second quarter this season.  That is seven consecutive games without allowing a second quarter point which has never occurred before in CC football history.

In only one season since 1995 has Crittenden County averaged less than the 9.6 first downs they are averaging per game this season (2010, 8.6).

Crittenden County is averaging 8.3 penalties per game this year which is the most by a team

since 2001 (8.9).

The 80.4 penalty yards per game CC is averaging this season is the most ever on record.

CC opponents are averaging 60.7 yards per game rushing this season.  That amount is the fewest on record for CC opponents.

CC has scored 117 points in the seven games this season.  In the 27 seasons from 1994-2020, only eight CC teams have scored more than 117 points in the first quarter IN AN ENTIRE SEASON.

CC is surrendering 3.9 points, on average, in the fourth quarter this season.  3.9 are the fewest points surrendered in the fourth quarter since the Rockets surrendered only 3.7 during the 2005 season.

Over the past 50 games, the Rockets have only been held scoreless in the second quarter five times while the Rocket defense has held its opponent scoreless 25 times including last week.

Crittenden County has won eight homes games in a row dating back to last season.  The school record is eleven which was set in the 1985 to the 1986 seasons.

Preston Morgeson’s 88 yard kickoff return for a TD last week is tied for the 12th longest in school history.  Since 2001, there has only been one kickoff return for a TD longer which was by Alex Cosby in 2015 (92 yards versus Bethlehem).

Crittenden County has scored at least 47 points four games in a row which has never happened before.

The defense has not allowed a TD in three games.  The two TDs score be opponents in the past two games came on an interception return and a fumble return.  The only other time this is believed to have happened was weeks 2-4 of the 1964 season when the Rockets held three opponents scoreless in three consecutive weeks.

This senior class has 35 wins as Rockets.  That is currently tied for the second most by a graduating class and the all-time record is 37 by the class of 2000.

Records Broken and Record Breakers to Watch This Week
Last week, Noah Perkins broke the school record for most consecutive extra points kicked.  Perkins ended up breaking the record by three kicks during the course of the game but missed his fourth attempt.  Perkins streak lasted 36 attempts.

Lathen Easley has 17 sacks which ranks tied for 2nd on the all-time list.  Tied with Easley is Adam Beavers with 17 and the all-time leader is Sean O’Leary has 18.  This record has stood since 2018.

Lathen Easley is tied for second in career forced fumbles with nine.  Travis McKinney is the all-time leader with 10.  This record has stood since 2015.

Caden McCalister ranks tied for second in career fumble recoveries with eight.  Travis Fitzgerald with nine is the all-time leader.  This record has stood since 2015.

Tyler Boone is tied with the all-time leader, Adam Beavers, for Career Tackles for Loss with 47.  Once Boone breaks the record, he will be the third new record holder in this category in the past four seasons.

Dylan Yates’s six sacks this season are edging close to the record of most sacks by a junior which is held by teammate, Braxton Winders (2019), eight sacks.

Record Book Activity
Xander Tabor is 5th in career rushing yards with 2,981.  Next up are Jimmy Hopper with 3,028 and J.D. Gray with 3,222. 

Xander Tabor is 4th in career rushing touchdowns with 38.  Next up are Dennis Mott with 39, J.D. Gray with 40 and the all-time leader Devon Nesbitt with 54.

Xander Tabor is tied for the 16th most rushing TDs in a single season with 13.

Xander Tabor has 419 career rushing attempts which are the fifth most all-time.  Next up are Rodney Robertson with 464 and J.D. Gray with 495.

Luke Crider has 1,589 career passing yards ranking him 8th in the category and next up are Sean Thompson with 1,757, Turner Martin with 1,840, and J.D. Gray with 2,172.

Luke Crider has 1,044 passing yards this season ranking him 9th in that category.  Next up are Jamie Curtis (1992) with 1,065, Jamie Curtis (1991) with 1,193, and Austin Berry (2005) with 1,486.

Luke Crider has 105 career passing completions ranking him 11th on the list.  Next up are Sean Thompson with 110, Travis Gilbert with 140, and Turner Martin with 146.

Luke Crider has 61 completions this season which are the 18th most in a single season.   Next up are eight players within 11 completions of Crider’s current total.

Luke Crider is 3rd in career touchdown passes with 26.  Next up Austin Berry with 47 and the all-time leader Hunter Boone with 84.

Luke Crider has 15 passing TDs which are tied for the 7th most in a single season.  Next up Nick Castiller & Austin Berry (2005) with 17 and Hunter Boone (2016) with 18.

Luke Crider is 2nd in career passer rating with 154.78.  Austin Berry is the all-time leader with 166.82.

Luke Crider is 2nd in career passing touchdowns to interceptions ratio with a 2.17 ratio.  Austin Berry is the all-time leader with 2.61.

Preston Turley is 8th in career receiving yards with 772.  Next up are Dylan Hollis with 828 and Denis Hodge with 874.

Tyler Boone is 12th in career receiving yards with 605.  Next up are Jerry Jessup with 622 and Bobby Knox with 654.

Preston Morgeson has 404 career receiving yards.  When he eclipses 500 yards for a career, we will be the 23rd Rocket to do so.

Preston Turley is tied for 6th in career receiving touchdowns with 10.  Next up are Jamie Champion with 11 and Chad Perryman with 15.

Preston Morgeson is tied for 13th in career receiving touchdowns with 8.  Next up are four players with nine and three with 10.

Tyler Boone is tied for 19th in career receiving touchdowns with seven.  Next up are six players with eight and four with nine receiving touchdowns.

Preston Turley is tied for 13th in career receptions with 43.  Next up are Alex Cosby with 44, Bobby Know with 48, and Denis Hodge with 50.

Tyler Boone is 23rd in career receptions with 36.  Next up are Tyler Coleman (37), Grant Gardner (38), Preston Turley (39), and Tanner Nix, Shawnte Moss, & Jared Champion with 40.

Xander Tabor has 26 receptions as a Rocket which is the 31st most in that category.  Next up are Curtis Franklin with 29, Gavin Dickerson with 30, and Brian Penn with 31.

With one more reception, Preston Morgeson will become the 34th Rocket to have 25 career receptions and only the fourth to accomplish that by the end of their sophomore season.  The other three were Chad Perryman, Branen Lamey, and Denis Hodge.

Xander Tabor is 9th in career yards of offense (rushing + passing) with 3,007.  Next up are Jimmy Hopper with 3,028, Jamie Curtis with 3,356, and Devon Nesbitt with 3,572.

Xander Tabor is 5th in yards from scrimmage (rushing + receiving) with 3,240.  Next up are Rodney Robertson with 3,381 and J.D. Gray with 3,411.

Xander Tabor is tied for 4th in career total touchdowns with 44.  Next up are T.K. Guess with 46, J.D. Gray with 48, and Devon Nesbitt with 61.

Caden McCalister is tied for 18th in career total touchdowns with 20.  Next up are Jeramie Sorina with 22, Branen Lamey and Dylan Hollis with 23, and Ethan Dossett with 25.

Xander Tabor is tied for 6th in career “touchdowns responsible for” with 44.  Next up are T.K. Guess with 48, Austin Berry with 57, and Devon Nesbitt with 61.  “Touchdowns Responsible for” includes the scoring of rushing, receiving, interceptions returned, kickoffs returned, punts returned, fumbles returned, and passing TDs thrown.

Caden McCalister has become the 27th player to be responsible for scoring 20 TDs in a career. 

Xander Tabor is 6th in career scoring with 264 points.  Next up are Rodney Robertson with 268, Dennis Mott with 269, T.K. Guess with 288, and J.D. Gray with 304.

Caden McCalister is 22nd in career scoring with 128 points.  Next up are seven players within 20 points of McCalister’s current total.

When Noah Perkins scores four more points, he will be the 34th player in school history to record 100 career points scored; however, he will be the first to accomplish the feat without ever scoring a TD.  Former Rocket kicker, George Congenie, scored exactly 100 points in his career but returned an interception for a touchdown during his career.

Caden McCalister’s 30 points he scored last week were the 13th a player has scored at least 30 points in a single game.

Noah Perkins is 2nd in career extra points attempted with 104.  Next up is the all-time leader, George Congenie, with 113.

Noah Perkins is tied for the 11th in extra points attempted in a season with 34.  Next up are Will Perkins (2016) with 35, Micah Hollamon  with 39, and George Congenie (2005) with 42.

Noah Perkins has made 96 career extra points and is now the all-time leader breaking a 15 year old record held by George Congenie who had 90.

Noah Perkins is 8th in extra points made in a season with 33.  Next up are J.R. Adams (2008) with 36, J.R. Adams (2009) with 37, George Congenie with 38.

Caden McCalister and Xander Tabor are tied for second in career interceptions returned for a touchdown with two along with Branen Lamey and Butch McWilliams.  T.K. Guess is the all-time leader with four.

Tyler Boone is fourth in career tackles with 339.  Gaige Courtney (345), Gavin Dickerson (372) and the all-time leader Adam Beavers (375) are ahead of Boone.

Caden McCalister is 8th in career tackles with 278.  Next up are Blake Gardner with 289 and Von Summers with 307.

Braxton Winders is tied for 10th in career tackles with 277.  Next up are Sean O’Leary with 281, Caden McCalister with 283, and Blake Gardner with 289.

Lathen Easley is 25th in career tackles with 210.  Next up are Travis McKinney with 215, Brian Berry with 218, and Brad Hart with 222.

Lathen Easley is 6th in career tackles for loss with 30.  Next up are Dylan Clark with 35 and Tyler Boone with 41.

Dylan Yates is tied for 12th in career tackles for loss with 21.  Next up are Brian Penn with 22, Gavin Dickerson & Gaige Courtney with 24, and Bobby Knox with 25.

Caden McCalister was 17 tackles for loss in his career which ranks with 19th.  Next up are eight players within 5 TFLs of McCalister’s current total.

Braxton Winders will be the 25th Rocket to record 15 career tackles for loss after he records his next TFL.

Tyler Boone is tied for eighth in TFL in a season with 15.  Next up are Gavin Dickerson with 16, Aaron Berry with 16, and Zack Beverly with 18.

Caden McCalister has nine career interceptions which ranks him fifth on the all-time list.  Next up are Mike Taylor with 10 and Denis Hodge with 14.

Xander Tabor has seven career interceptions which rank him tied for seventh on the all-time list.  Next up are Chad Perryman & Caden McCalister with eight and Mike Taylor with 10.

When Preston Morgeson records his next interception, he will become the 15th player to record six interceptions in a career.

Tyler Boone is fifth in career sacks with 12.  Next up is Zack Beverly with 15.

Braxton Winders and Dylan Yates are tied for sixth in career sacks with 10.  Next up are Tyler Boone with 12 and Zack Beverly with 15. 

Dylan Yates is tied for 12th in sacks for a single season with 6.  Next up are five players with 7 and two with eight.

Noah Perkins currently has a 92.31% (96/104) career made PAT percentage.  The school record is currently held by Cody Belt with a 91.67% (44/48).

Noah Perkins is near perfect on the year in extra points (33/34).  The record of PAT % made in a season is 94.29% (33/35) by Will Perkins in 2016.  Noah is currently at 97.06%.

Preston Turley is tied for 25th longest streak of games with at least one reception with six.  Ethan Dossett is the all-time leader with 26.

Luke Crider is tied for the fifth longest streak of games with a TD pass with 6.  Next up are Mike Sutton with seven and Austin Berry with 11.  Streaks of 11 games with a passing TD or more qualify for inclusion in the KHSAA record book.

Noah Perkins has recorded the 39th longest consecutive extra point streak in Kentucky high school football history by kicking 36 in a row.  Noah’s streak dated back to last season.

Below is an excerpt of the KHSAA record book for consecutive extra points made.

40 - Jesse Hankins (Scott County) 2005-08
38 - Preston Freeman (Ashland Blazer) 2006
37 - Trey Gronotte (Covington Catholic) 2019
37 - Christian Seger (Simon Kenton), 2017
37 - Jared Dougherty (Highlands) 2015
37 - Max Oldham (Bowling Green) 2006-07
37 - Sam Erny (DuPont Manual) 1999-00
37 - Matthew Kerley (Paducah Tilghman) 1992
36 - Noah Perkins (Crittenden County) 2019-Present