Wednesday, September 14, 2022

AT A GLANCE: Open Week


(L-R: Jamie Curtis, #10 (1989-1992), Sean Thompson (2000-2003),
Taylon Polk #2 (2003-2006), and Turner Martin #20 (1978-1981))

These four former Rocket QBs will soon be passed in the record book by Micah Newcom. 

Find out where in this week's post!  

Crittenden County Single Game School Records Versus Caldwell County Broken Last Week

  • Rushing Touchdowns: 3, Micah Newcom, 2022
  • Most Points Scored: 18, Micah Newcom, 2022

Week 4 Recap

  • Micah Newcom has had three games with a completion percentage of at least 67.0% this season.  Only one Rocket QB has ever had more than three games with a 67.0% completion percentage in their career (Hunter Boone, 5).
  • If you assume the Rockets play at least 13 games this season, here are projections based upon production of some Rockets in their first four games of the season:

    • Micah Newcom – PASSING - 192/296 for 2,951 with 23 TD passes and 13 Interceptions
    • Micah Newcom – RUSHING – 163 attempts, 400 yards, and 13 TDs
    • Preston Morgeson – RECEIVING – 59 receptions, 881 yards, and 13 TDs
    • Kaleb Nesbitt – RECEIVING – 46 receptions, 705 yards
    • Briley Berry – DEFENSE – 133 tackles (104 solos, 29 assists), 10 TFLs, 3 sacks, 3 blocked kicks
    • Case Gobin – DEFENSE – 101 tackles (62 solos, 39 assists), 3 TFLs, 10 sacks, 3 blocked kicks
    • Preston Morgeson - KICKING - 29 of 33 on PATs, 87.9% accuracy
  • Crittenden County outgained Caldwell County in total yards for the first time since 2009.  Crittenden County had 306 yards last week to Caldwell County’s 177.
  • Crittenden County’s 306 yards of total offense tied the most ever recorded by Crittenden versus a Caldwell team (1999).
  • Coming into the game against Caldwell County, they had scored six defensive TDs in the last eight matchups with CC.  Caldwell added another defensive TD last week making in 7 defensive TDs in the last nine matchups.
  • Crittenden County QBs have thrown 21 interceptions in the past nine games with Caldwell compared to Caldwell’s three.
  • Crittenden County had three rushing TDs last week.  The last time CC had three or more rushing TDs against Caldwell County was 2009.
  • The last time Crittenden County lead in the second half against Caldwell was 2009.
  • Including the 2004 game, Crittenden County has only held Caldwell County scoreless in the second half twice with one of the times being last week and the other in 2019.

Record Breaker Watch

  • Micah Newcom became the 15th rocket quarterback to have more than 1,000 career passing yards in a career last week.  He now sits in 14th all-time with 1,098 passing yards.  Next up are Al Simmons with 1,111, David Cozart with 1,180 and Travis Gilbert with 1,233.
  • Micah Newcom has the 15th most passing yards in a single season.  With 158 more yards, Newcom will be in 10th place passing Zach Brantley with 911, Turner Martin with 971, Taylon Polk with 975, Sean Thompson with 1,009, and Jamie Curtis with 1,065.
  • Micah Newcom remained the 17th rocket quarterback to record 10 or more TD passes in their career.
  • Micah Newcom remained tied for the 23rd most TD passes in a single season with seven.  With six more TD passes, Newcom will be alone in 9th place.
  • Preston Morgeson has 1,255 career receiving yards which is the 4th most all-time.  Next up are Chad Perryman (1990-1993) with 1,655, T.K. Guess (2002-2005) with 1,774, and the all-time leader Ethan Dossett (2015-2018) with 2,130.
  • Preston Morgeson has the 2nd most career receiving touchdowns with 19.  Ethan Dossett is the all-time leader with 23.
  • Preston Morgeson has 85 career receptions which is the 5th most in school history.  Next up are Chad Perryman (1990-1993) with 85, Ethan Hunt (2013-2016) with 86, and T.K. Guess (2002-2005) with 95.  The all-time leader is Ethan Dossett with 127.
  • Preston Morgeson has 1,901 career yards from scrimmage.  With 99 more yards, Morgeson will be the 16th player in school history with 2,000 or more yards from scrimmage in a career.  Yards from scrimmage are rushing and receiving yards combined.
  • Preston Morgeson has scored 30 career TDs which is tied for 12th most in that category.  Next up are Denis Hodge with 31, Blake Gardner with 33, and Jimmy Hopper with 34.
  • Preston Morgeson has been responsible for 30 total career TDs.  This ranks him tied for 18th in career TDs responsible for.  Next up are Brian Berry with 31, Denis Hodge & Blake Gardner with 33, and Sean Thompson & Jimmy Hopper with 34.
  • Preston Morgeson has 212 career points which is the 11th most.  Next up are Jimmy Hopper with 215, Brad Madden with 224, and Ronnie Moss with 248.
  • Preston Morgeson is tied for 7th in career interceptions with 7.  Next up are Chad Perryman with 8 and Caden McCalister & Mike Taylor with 10.
  • Preston Morgeson has made 28 PATs in his career which is tied for the 11th most ever.  Next up is Aaron Summers with 38.
  • Kaleb Nesbitt has 944 career receiving yards which is the 7th most ever.  Next up are Branen Lamey with 1,070 and Ethan Hunt with 1,191.
  • Kaleb Nesbitt has 11 career TD receptions which is tied for 6th all-time.  Next up are Chad Perryman with 15 & Preston Morgeson with 16.
  • Kaleb Nesbitt has 71 career receptions.  He is in 7th place on the list and sits behind Preston Morgeson (85) and Branen Lamey (78).
  • Briley Berry has become the 46th player in school history to have 150 career tackles.
  • With 8 more tackles, Case Gobin will be the 46th player in school history to have 150 career tackles.
  • Case Gobin is tied for 7th in career sacks with 10.  Next up are Tyler Boone with 12 and Zack Beverly with 15.
  • Sam Impastato is 13th in career Tackles for Loss with 21.  Next up are Travis McKinney & Matt Jent with 21.
  • Sam Impastato is tied for 23rd in career sacks with five.  With two more, he will be tied for 20th.
  • Three receivers currently have active streaks of six games with at least one reception.  Preston Morgeson has caught a pass in nine straight games, Kaleb Nesbitt eight straight, and Gattin Travis six straight.  All streaks date back to last season.