Monday, July 21, 2008

Rocket Youth Football Camp

Crittenden County football held its annual Rocket Youth Camp last week. Here are participants and results:

Ages 5-under Gabe Mott, Gavin Hunt, Benjamin Evans, Preston Turley, Erik O’Leary.
Ages 6-7 Blake Curnel, Nelson Jennings, Gavin Dickerson, Seth Millikan, Gavin Davidson, Lukas Graham, Dylan Turley, Sean O’Leary, Cody Belt, Mason Hunt.
Ages 8-9 Alex Gilbert, Will Tolley, Logan Belt, Beau O’Neal, Wide Gilbert, Ben Brown, Joseph Estes, Adam Beavers, Ross Crider, Ethan Hunt.
Ages 10-11 Noah Smith, Luke Smith, Jacob Graham, Reid Baker, Noah Dickerson, Gary McConnell, Jesse Belt, Logan Shuecraft.
Ages 12-up Hunter Clark, Dustin Roberts, Zach Tinsley, Bobby Knox, Stephon Cozart, Daniel Price, Devin Clark, Zack O’Neal.

Obstacle Course
Ages 5-under Erik O’Leary, Preston Turley, Gavin Hunt, Gabe Mott and Benjamin Evans.
Ages 6-7 1. Gavin Dickerson, 2. Cody Belt, 3. Mason Hunt.
Ages 8-9 1. Ben Brown, 2. Will Tolley, 3. Ethan Hunt.
Ages 10-11 1. Jesse Belt, 2. Noah Dickerson, 3. Gary McConnell.
Ages 12-up 1. Bobby Knox, 2. Hunter Clark, 3. Zach Tinsley.