Monday, August 18, 2008

Ironman competition

Ironman Top 10
The Crittenden County High School football team held its annual Ironman competition during pre-season workouts. The competition gauges players’ strength, speed and overall physical condition. It includes weightlifting, agility contests, sprints and endurance runs. The top 10 contestants are always singled out as a way to promote increased strength, speed and agility. This year’s winners were (back from left) Andrew Freeman, Brian Berry, Allen Kirk, Dustin McConnell, Shane Armstrong, Dylan Clark, Josh Urbanowski, (front) Gaige Courtney, Dyllan Thornton and Rodney Robertson. Pictured in the inset is three-time Ironman champion Rodney Robertson, a senior running back and linebacker.

Rocket Football
Ironman Results

Crittenden County High School Football coach Al Starnes has announced results of the Rocket football team’s annual pre-season Ironman competition. The competition involves all varsity and junior varsity players and tests their strength, agility, speed and other qualities when pre-season camp begins. Following is the top 10 by rank after the competition was complete:

1. Rodney Robertson
2. Josh Urbanowski
3. Andrew Freeman
4. Dustin McConnell
5. Dylan Clark
6. Gaige Courtney
7. Dyllan Thornton
8. Allen Kirk
9. Shane Armstrong
10. Brian Berry


Bench Press
1. Rodney Robertson, 265 lbs.
2. Aaron Berry, 245 lbs.
2. Andrew Freeman, 245 lbs.
4. Gaige Courtney, 235 lbs.
5. Allen Kirk, 205 lbs.
5. Dylan Clark, 205 lbs.

1. Aaron Berry, 365 lbs.
2. Gaige Courtney, 345 lbs.
2. Rodney Robertson, 345 lbs.
4. Dyllan Thornton, 315 lbs.
4. Dylan Clark, 315 lbs.
4. Andrew Freeman, 315 lbs.

1. Rodney Robertson, 250 lbs.
2. Dylan Clark, 215 lbs.
3. Gaige Courtney 215 lbs.
4. Aaron Berry 200 lbs.
5. J.D. Gray, 205 lbs.

40-Yard Dash
1. Josh Urbanowski 4.73
2. Rodney Robertson, 4.84
2. Andrew Freeman 4.84
4. Joey Pluskota, 4.85
5. Shane Armstrong, 4.93