Friday, August 8, 2008

Lake County first opponent

Crittenden County has a couple of scrimmage games coming up in the next two weeks as the Rockets prepare for the regular-season opener against Lake County, Tenn., in the Alliance Bowl, Aug. 29 at Marshall County High School. Crittenden will play the second game of a doubleheader starting at 8 p.m.

Lake County was 5-5 last season. Crittenden was 4-6 in the regular season in 2007. The teams had one common opponent, Fulton County. Lake County beat Fulton 30-8. Crittenden beat Fulton County comparably, 40-12.

Of Lake's wins last year, three were against very small west Tennessee teams: Gleason, West Carroll and South Fulton.

Lake is the smallest county in Tennessee. It borders the Mississippi River and Reelfoot Lake. Lake County was once a powerhouse in Tennessee Class A football, but in recent years it has not been nearly as formidable.