Friday, December 5, 2008

Beechwood ends Rockets' run 34-0

Crittenden County Rockets (10-3)
Beechwood Tigers (12-1)

at Edgar McNabb Stadium, Fort Mitchell, Ky.

Beechwood 34, Crittenden 0 FINAL
Check back here for stats and more after the game, as well as Saturday.

Fourth quarter

BW has ball in own territory. 1st: Runner dropped for loss. 2nd: Hand-off up middle for gain of 5 to midfield. 3rd: Final play of the game, BW gives to fullback for 2-yard gain.

CC takes ball at own 35. 1st: Pass complete to Kirk for 5. 2nd and 5: Berry pass complete for gain of 5. 3rd and 1: Runner hit for loss, fumble recovered by BW.

BW begins at own 37. 1st. Halfback gains about 8. 2nd and 2: Halfback met in backfield for loss: 3rd and 3: QB sneak picks up 1. 4th and 1: (Rocket subs into game with 3 minutes left) Punt out of bounds at CC 35.

CC starts at own 20. 1st: Berry runs for gain of 4. 2nd and 6: Berry complete to Robertson for first down at 34. 1st and 10: Berry complete to Pluskota to 35 for 1 yard gain. 2nd and 9: Berry forced out on scramble at 28. 3rd and 14: Berry draw up middle for loss of 2. 4th and 16: Punt by Robertson taken by BW at 37.

BW takes over at own 25. 1st: Tailback out to right for gain of 14. 1st and 10: Tailback up middle to BW 47. 1st and 10: Tailback up middle into CC territory. 2nd: Fullback met at line for no gain. 3rd: Halfback taken down for loss. 4th and 10: Punt into end zone for touchback.

CC has ball near midfield in own territory. 3rd and 14: Deep pass attempt short, interception dropped. 4th and 14: Punt taken by BW at 10 out to 25.

Third quarter

CC takes kick out to 30. 1st: Robertson up middle for gain of 5. TO by CC. 2nd and 4: Robertson takes run to midfield. 1st and 10: Robertson around right and taken down at line. 2nd and 10: Robertson taken down in backfield for loss. End of third quarter.

BW takes over in own territory: 1st: Teipel runs for short gain. 2nd and 8: Teipel stopped by Urbanowski for short gain. 3rd and 7: Pass complete to Colosimo, who jumps over Nix for gain out to 43. 1st: Run taken inside CC 30. 1st and 10: Tailback breaks tackles and runs for big gain. 1st and 10: Teipel stopped for short. 2nd and 6: Flag. Motion against BW. 2nd: Stopped for loss at 20. 3rd and 14: Pass complete for gain to 5. 1st and goal: Teipel scores up middle for TD. PAT: Kick wide left. 34-0

CC takes kick to 23 by Courtney. 1st: Courtney out to 36 for first down. 1st: Courtney takes ball for loss. 2nd and 15: Berry completes pass for gain of 5. 3rd and 10: Berry incomplete attempt to Nix, almost picked off. 4th and 10: Robertson back to punt at CC 22. BW takes ball at BW 31. (Gray on sideline without crutches but not dressed for game.)

BW on CC 44. 1st. Teipel runs to 36. 2nd and 4: Teipel runs for 36-yard TD. PAT: Good. 28-0

CC takes ball in own territory. 1st. Run for no gain. 2nd and 11: Berry incomplete to Courtney. 3rd and 11: Berry brought down in backfield, fumble recovered by CC. Flag. Personal foul. 4th and long: Punt taken by BW at CC 43.

BW takes onside kick. Flag. CC touches ball before ball travels 10 yards. BW takes ball on CC 49. 1st: Halback picks up 7. 2nd and 3: Runner called down before fumble. 1st: Runner tripped up for short gain. 2nd and 8: Tailback stopped for 4 yard gain. 3rd and 4: Teipel taken down for loss. 4th and 6: Pass dropped by Daniels. Ball turned over on downs.

BW has dominated game with size on defense and offense. CC starting QB J.D. Gray out of game with knee injury, taken off field on cart. Gray's kneecap popped out of place, but put back in by doctor. Gray okay, but will not return. Penalties by BW have hurt the host team. Clipping penalty called back 99-run by BW near end of half. Short punts by CC handed BW great field position in first three possessions. Neico Teipel passes 2,000 yards rushing for the season for BW.

Halftime stats:

CC rushing: Robertson 19 yards. Courtney 7 yards. Gray 8 yards. CC: Four first downs.

BW over 200 yards rushing. Teipel 101 yards on 15 carries. Rigdon 93 yards. Rigdon 5 for 7 for 75 yards passing. BW: Nine first downs.


CC takes ball at own 20. 1st: Courtney runs for 3. End of first half.

BW takes over in shadow of own goal line. 1st: Flag. BW offsides. 1st and 11: Run up middle taken 99 yards. Flag. BW called for clipping, nixes 99 yard run up middle. Penalty puts ball at CC 40 for 60-yard gain. 1st and 10: CC drops interception. 2nd and 10: Pass complete at 35. 2ndand 10: Flag. BW QB called for grounding after scramble. 2nd and 30: QB takes down to inside 30. BW takes TO. 4th and 12: QB drops to pass, complete but short of 1st. Ball turned over on downs.

CC takes kick to own 29. 1st: Gray takes to own 40. Flag. Facemask. Gray injured on play(knee), taken out of game. CC calls TO. Berry in at QB. 2nd and 11: Pitch to Roberston for loss. 3rd and 16: Berry pass dropped by Nix. 4th and 16: Punt taken by BW inside own 2.

BW takes over in CC territory. 1st: Pitch to halfback taken close to 30. 1st and 10: Pass incomplete, first of night for BW. 2nd and 10: Tailback takes up left for gain: 3rd and 5: Pitch to halfback for TD. PAT: Good. 21-0

CC takes over on own 20. 1st: Run tofor gain of 5. Flag. Holding against CC. 1st and 20: Completed pass moves ball back out to 18. 2nd and 12: Robertson up middle to 23: 3rd and 7: Gray stopped for 2on scramble. 4th and 5: Punt taken by BW at CC 42.

BW takes over deep in CC territory. 1st: QB takes inside 30. 2nd and 5: Tailback outside to 22. 1st: Halback met at line for no gain. 2nd and 10: Flag. Penalty on BW. Ball moved back 10yards on hold. 2nd and 20: QB brought down for loss. Flag. Holding against BW. Declined. 3rd and 24: QB draw ended for loss on tackle by Courtney. 4th and 24: BW kicks into end zone for touchback.

CC begins 2nd quarter with 1st and 10: Run for short loss. 2nd and 12: Flag. Motion penalty pushes CC back to 33. 2nd and 17: Gray picks up 8 yards: 3rd and 8: Gray sacked for loss. 4th and 11: High snap, Gray forced to run. Ball turned over on downs.

1st Quarter

CC takes kick at 22 and Nix returns to 28. 1st: Gray takes up middle for no gain. Flag: Facemask on BW, ball on CC 33. 1st and 3: Run for short gain. 2nd and 2: Courtney breaks tackle for short gain. Rockets gain first 1st down. End of first quarter.

BW at own 44. 1st: Halfback stopped for gain of one. 2nd and 7: Halfback up middle for short gain. 3rd and 6: Pass complete at 41: 1st and 10: Snap to halfback for short gain. 2nd and 9: Halfback stopped out of bounds for short gain. 3rd and 6: QB completes pass for gain to 14: 1st and 10: Tailback takes down to 8. 2nd and 4: Tailback takes in for TD. PAT: Good. 14-0

CC takes over at own 27 after kick. 1st: Robertson takes it on run. 2nd and 6: Robertson up middle for 4. 3rd and 2: Roberston out to 43. 1st and 10: Robertson picks up 2. 2nd and 8: With 5:15 left in 1st, Gray met in backfield for loss. 3rd and 11: Gray back to pass, incomplete to Courtney. 4th and 11 at CC 42. Punt to BW lands at CC 43.

BW takes first possession on own 48 after Rocket three-and-out. 1st: Teipel picks up 12 on run. 1st: Teiple met at line for no gain. 2nd and 10: Pass complete for near first down. 3rd and short: First picked up on run to CC 24. 1st and 10: Halfback brought down for short gain: 2nd and 7: Draw handoff for run up to 15. 1st and goal: QB takes it in for TD. PAT: good. 7-0

CC wins the toss and elects to receive. Robertson takes the kick at 15. Flag: Offsides on BW moves kickoff back 5 yards. Rekick from 35 goes to Robertson on 14, gives to Gray on reverse. Rockets open first possession on 28. 1st: Gray pass to Nix complete at 32. 2nd: Robertson up middle for loss of 1. 3rd and 8: Gray brought down on scramble for loss. 4th and 11: Gray back to punt at 26.