Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Senior wins Ironman competition

Top 10 finishers in the Rockets’ annual preseason Ironman Competition were (front from left) Tanner Nix, overall winner Jacob Long, Bowe Wallace (second row) Bryce Willis, Terry Werne, Casey Hamby, Dustin Hernandez, Brian Berry, (back) Devin Wallace and Bobby Knox.

Jacob Long says he's dedicated himself to becoming a better football player in 2010, his senior season.

The linebacker/running back has certainly caught the attention of his coaches. Last week, Long won the annual preseason Ironman competition, the skills test that gauges a player's strength, agility and speed.

"Jacob has decided that he's going to play up to his potential this year," said coach Al Starnes. "When he first came to us, he was an animal the first couple of weeks, then we didn't hear much out of him. This year, his work ethic has changed."

Long, who went to school in Marion until sixth grade, spent four years in Grayson County before coming back to Crittenden County High School as a sophomore.

"I was just making stupid choices," Long said about his first couple of years with the team.

Starnes said he's always known Long had the skills necessary to be a top-notch player, but until this year he hasn't seen the dedication necessary to be something special.

"This year, I wanted (the Ironman title)," Long said. "I thought that winning it might motivate me more for the season."

Starnes says Long (5-foot-11, 200 pounds) will be a key factor in the offense and defense when the Rockets open Aug. 20 at Hopkins Central.

Long was the strongest Rocket by 40 pounds overall in the bench (255 pounds), clean (235) and squat (350). He also finished sixth in the 40-yard dash at 4.85 seconds.

The team hosts a scrimmage game on Friday, Aug. 13 against Muhlenberg County.

1. Jacob Long
2. Dustin Hernandez
3. Bowe Wallace
4. Tanner Nix
5. Casey Hamby
6. Brian Berry
7. Terry Werne
8. Bobby Knox
9. Devin Wallace
10. Bryce Willis


Bench Press
1. Jacob Long, 255
2. Eli Bebout, 250
2. Elliot Day, 250
4. Daniel Price, 240
4. Andrew Freeman, 240
6. Daniel Mayes, 235
6. Korey Mayes, 235

1. Jacob Long, 350
1. Daniel Price, 350
3. Korey Mayes, 335
4. Eli Bebout, 320
4. Terry Werne, 320
5. Daniel Mayes, 315

40-Yard Dash
1. Bowe Wallace, 4.71
2. Tanner Nix, 4.78
2 Andrew Freeman, 4.78
4. Clint Asbridge, 4.83
5. Robert Cudnik, 4.84
6. Jacob Long, 4.85