Thursday, July 27, 2017

Annual Ironman work starts practice

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For more than 16 years, Crittenden County football players have been starting the season with an individual strength, speed and agility competition called the Ironman.

Forty-three players competed in this year’s pre-season competition and senior Adam Beavers came out on top, edging out last year’s competition winner, junior Devon Nesbitt. The two finished first and second last year with their places reversed. Nesbitt is the reigning Class A First District Player of the Year.

The competition aims to encourage a well-rounded athlete, combining speed and strength to perfect a player. This year’s weightlifting figures were markedly higher than last summer’s, a tribute to work in the weightroom, says the coaching staff.

While the running and agilities part of the contest tends to favor the skilled-position players, those husky linemen play catchup in overall points by dominating in the weight room.
As much as anything, the competition is a way for the coaching staff to get players geared up for pre-season practice and to reward those who have worked hard during the offseason.

Rocket football season begins on Aug. 18 at Dover, Tenn., where Crittenden will play Stewart County for the first time ever. The boys will host Calloway County in a scrimmage on Aug. 11.

Overall Points
1. Adam Beavers
2. Devon Nesbitt
3. Branen Lamey
4. Brady Birk
5. Ethan Dossett
6. Sean O’Leary
7. Gavin Dickerson
8. Travis Guess
9. Caden McCalister
10. Kyle Castiller

40 Yard Dash
Branen Lamey 4.81
Devon Nesbitt 4.85
Ethan Dossett 4.89
Adam Beavers 4.97
Sean O’Leary 4.97

Verticle Jump
Adam Beavers 28.5”
Devon Nesbitt 28.5”
Douglas Ford 24.5”
Xander Tabor 24.0”

Adam Beavers 245
Gavin Dickerson 215
Mitchell Joyce 195
Branen Lamey 195
Brock Langston 195

Adam Beavers 235
Brady Birk 235
Hunter Boone 210
Brock Langston 205
Gavin Dickerson 195
Jagger Hayes 195

Brock Langston 385
Adam Beavers 335
Brady Birk 315
Ethan Dossett 300
Jake Gibson 295